We exercise versatility and nimbleness to make technology work for you

Who We Are

With 8xpand, anything is possible with constant technological advances and innovation. We believe that with our technology and creations, the advancement in your business can be beyond your creativity and imagination.

Our goals are to develop intuitive software solutions that are designed to improve your business efficiency with latest innovations in technologies, system integrity and security.

We seek to bridge the gap between business growth, business efficiencies and consumers’ experiences with our innovative services and products.

Our Competencies

Moving forward, we aim to provide leading technological software and business enabling solutions to business to help solve your problems with system integrity and security. Constantly keeping ourselves updated in a fast changing technology world in a fast paced applications and security environment.

Strategic Position

We plan to grow a team with competencies in inventive products developments in the field of machine-to-machine communications , machine-to-human interfaces , robotics and Internet-of-things integrated to cloud systems.